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possible functions of money and so makes a
different thing of it. Thus there can be endless
species of money—as many types of money as
there are types and varieties of social order. Money
in Soviet Russia is a different organ from money
in Nazi Germany, and that again is different from
French or American money. The difference can
be as wide as that between lungs and swimming
bladders and gills. It is not simply a quantitative
difference, as so many people seem to imagine,
which can be adjusted by varying the rate of
exchange or any such contrivance, it goes deeper,
it is a difference in quality and kind. The bare
thought of that makes our business and financial
people feel uncomfortable and confused and
menaced, and they go on moving their bars of
gold about from this vault to that, hoping almost
beyond hope that no one will say anything more
about it. It worked very well for a time, to go on
as though money was the same thing all the world
over. They will not admit how that assumption
is failing to work now.
Clever people reaped a certain advantage from
a more or less definite apprehension of the vari-
able nature of money, but since one could not be
a financier or business director without an under-
lying faith in one's right to profit by one'*s
superior cleverness, there did not seem to